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The reasons for anti-fraternization policies within modern militaries often include the maintenance of discipline and the chain of command and the prevention of the spreading of military secrets to enemies, which may amount to treason or sedition under military law.If a fighting force has officers unwilling to put certain enlisted personnel at risk or if enlisted soldiers believe that their selection for a perceived suicide mission is not motivated solely by a coldly-impartial assessment of military strategy (to sacrifice some units so that the force as a whole will prevail), the enlisted soldiers may fail to provide the unhesitating obedience necessary to the realization of that strategy or may even attack their superiors.If a senior officer passes secrets to a junior officer, the latter could allow them to be compromised by a romantic interest and then end up in the hands of the enemy.The Christmas Truce was a notable instance of fraternization in World War I.For example, "fraternization with the enemy" refers to associations with members of enemy groups and suggests a serious conflict of strong, deep, and close romantic interest and attraction, if not the possibility of treason, "fraternization with civilians" typically suggests transgression of norms forbidding non-civilians and civilians from forming close nonprofessional relationships (such as romantically or platonically); and "fraternization of officers with enlisted personnel" or "seniors with their juniors" (the usual meaning in a military context) describes associations that are implied to be irregular, unprofessional, improper, or imprudent in ways that negatively affect the members and goals of the organization.Many institutions worldwide implement policies forbidding forms of fraternization for many specific reasons.To impress the German people with the Allied opinion of them, a strict non-fraternization policy was adhered to by General Dwight Eisenhower and the Department of War during World War II.

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Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, Eisenhower's counterpart, was against the ban, and it was lifted in July 1945.

Many schools and universities prohibit certain relationships between teachers/lecturers and students to avoid favoritism, coercion, sexual harassment, and/or sex crimes enabled by the teacher's position of authority.

Views on fraternization are mixed and may depend on the relations and classes under discussion.

Organizations may relax, change, or reinforce restrictions to reflect changes in the prevailing organizational view or doctrine regarding fraternization.

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