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They do this as a way to maintain control, save face, or even just actively hurt you—and it's becoming increasingly common.Simply put, avoidant abuse is someone willingly withdrawing affection with the specific goal to hurt your feelings or control you.And while the city already has a host of programs aimed at curbing domestic violence, Mayor Bill de Blasio, a Democrat, announced this month that he was assembling a task force, headed by the first lady, Chirlane Mc Cray, and James P.O’Neill, the commissioner of the New York Police Department, to come up with a “comprehensive citywide strategy” in the next four months.When people withhold affection or acceptance, it hurts.After all, no one likes rejection—especially if we're feeling rejected by people who we want to be with. Using sex and intimacy as a weapon, under the guise of "only giving sex when deserved" or something along similar lines.And, according to many psychologists, it's actually a form of seriously devastating psychological abuse called avoidant abuse, or emotional withholding.

The persistence of such killings, now a larger share of the shrinking homicide total, has frustrated police officers, prosecutors, social service providers and policy makers struggling to prevent intimate tensions that play out behind closed doors from turning deadly.If you've ever had a group that made a point of leaving you out and making fun of you for it, that was a good example of emotional withholding.Cults actually use avoidant abuse to control members.It's a form of psychological abuse that's particularly cutting, since humans need love and affection in order to feel happy in a relationship.The most common form of avoidant abuse is using the withdrawal of affection or acceptance as a means of control.

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