Marlin 336 rifle serial number dating

Gun safes are good for some things but sure need to be organized to avoid such tragedies.

A few months ago my father in law had many guns stolen from his gun safe. I dont know if he has the s/n or not but it was reported to the local police.I feel for your loss and I hope that you can recover some of the stolen items.Best thing for the kin that was involved is to let him or her sit in the can for at least a few yrs. If you turn em loose now, chances are they will go down in a bad drug deal, get shot stealing or croak from an overdose. have a CS, I believe it means custom stock, I bought mine at wal-mart back in the mid 1990s for 20.00 you could upgrade the walnut stock.Glad I did that but sad that a buddy banged up the stock some.

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