Look i made it im dating an actress

Outstanding physical stamina allows them to spend hours rehearsing and performing.

They need to be able to get along with fellow performers.

The word "discouragement" can't be in their vocabularies if they want to get through many auditions and the rejections that follow.

Excellent listening skills let them understand instructions from directors, choreographers or producers.

You may be a talented singer, musician, actor or dancer but your answers indicate you don't have the attributes needed for a professional career. They audition frequently and repeatedly get rejected. Superior listening skills allow them to take direction from choreographers, producers and directors.

After some quick Tinder negging, I'm already drunk with power. It's easy to say whatever you want when you can't see the other person. Me: You look exactly like the type of guy who would live in Murray Hill. Me: A guy who wears a Vineyard Vines button down and backwards hat to a bar who uses "Saturdays are for the Boys" unironically and probably works in finance. He went to go hit on some other girl in the corner but toward the end of the night came back around and tried to get me to go home with him.Performers must be able to learn and memorize lyrics, music, scripts or dance routines. According to Urban Dictionary, this what men consider the "hidden key" to getting girls to fuck them: It's rude, it's sexist, and it totally works. It's basically when a guy says something backhanded like, "Normally I don't date girls with small boobs, but yours aren't actually that bad." Is this the hidden secret to dating? We're too nice to guys and that's why they move on?If you can improve in these areas, you may be able to move ahead with your plans.Performers need the self-discipline to spend a lot of time honing their craft.

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