Little people big world dating daze

Again, we'll have to see how this plays out in the coming weeks, and months, as more information becomes available. Obviously, the Roloffs' divorce after three decades and four grown children together is a complicated matter all around.It's got fans worked up on both sides of the spectrum, and clearly Matt and Amy themselves are still adjusting to the situation.And yes, on top of kissing, there are relationship issues.Amy and Chris laugh off breakup rumors online, but it looks like Amy is clashing with Caryn Chandler. Meanwhile, the family wonders if Molly might be interested in a boy.Dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have changed the way millions of people meet each other and make connections, but just like so many other aspects of digital life these apps have a tendency to become habit-forming.

We're happy to wonder about that more exciting possibility instead, but we can't help thinking that Matt's reply was lacking in... He didn't make some joke about these break-up rumors nor did he say anything nice about Chandler and their relationship. A recent episode of Little People, Big World may offer clues in terms of her mindset regarding her personal and professional relationships.

This is also why there's tension between Caryn and Amy Roloff.

The two were friends prior to her divorce from Matt and Caryn's subsequent romance with him, which is understandably awkward.

Chandler, Matt's first serious girlfriend since his divorce from Amy Roloff, is no longer employed by the family's Roloff Farms.

She originally met Matt, as fans know, because she managed his property and his business for many years.

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