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Scheduled downtime is planned in advance for reasons including scheduled maintenance, system updates and patches, and upgrades.Unscheduled downtime is due to system or environmental failures (e.g., power outages).Communicating planned and semi-planned downtime to staff in advance will minimize frustration and confusion as to why the system is unavailable.As soon as an unplanned downtime is discovered, notifications are sent immediately to physicians, staff, and leadership.Short downtimes may need just one notification a day or two prior to the downtime. Multiple notifications are needed for large upgrades or other modifications that will affect staff access to applications for an extensive period of time.Notifying staff of the impending downtime will allow them to make necessary adjustments and preparations.Planned downtime communication begins when or near the time dates for downtime are established.

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Downtime may affect a single application or be systemwide.

Forms of communication include e-mails, newsletters, intranet sites, flyers posted at computer stations, online calendars, and a notification when the staff logs into the system.

For those practices with a help desk, a notification on the help desk line when the system is down may also be used.

Staff also require notification if planned downtimes are postponed.

It is helpful if the notification includes the date and time of the rescheduled downtime, if known, or at least indicates that more information will follow.

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