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The home is worth .3 million and per the article, he paid in cash!

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At the time, Cavallari writes that Colletti was her "entire" world. My relationship with Stephen went from our own high school romance to the fodder of a hugely successful television show.""Normal high school relationships are dramatic enough, but ours now had the added pressure of being seen by MTV viewers across the country as well as being manipulated by the show's producers, a set of adults were very suddenly involved in the intricacies of our lives," writes Cavallari, now a married mother of three.

The exits of executive producer Frank Darabont — who was fired after the first season and who put Lauren on the show — and showrunner Glen Mazzara directly affected Lauren.

The actress reveals to is and what the show is doing for TV and storytelling. The scope is massive, the expectations are huge and I just think anyone who takes that on is already a hero for jumping into the challenge.”Steven revealed that he's actually in a relationship, but Lauren’s noted that she is currently unattached.

“There are entire web sites dedicated to the proof that Steven and I are in a real relationship.

Which is always funny, because it’s not [true],” said Cohan.

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