Lamia dating jordan

are a reptilian liminal race with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a snake.

A mono-gendered (female) demi-human race, Lamias are predatory carnivores that form tribal villages on the outskirts of desert oases, their serpentine tails are powerful enough to rend steel.

In an attempt to compensate for this, Lamia villages have taken to sending "representatives" via the exchange program for the purpose of acquiring a communal husband for the village.

According to Miia's mother, lamia are very skilled poison users and chemists which she backs when she reveals the tea she brought had been spiked with weak neurotoxin.

However, this is only partially true, as due to being a female-only race, Lamias would lure human men to their villages and hold them as 'Communal Husbands'.

If the male is resistant, Lamia will use alchemical compounds such as incense to draw out their lust and force themselves upon them.

Following the initial orgy, the male has a choice to voluntarily stay or leave.

According to Miia's mother the men usually choose to stay, due to the beauty and sexual skills of the lamias.

Since the Cultural Exchange Between Species Bill, government agencies have put a stop to the Lamia practice of kidnapping and keeping 'communal husbands' against their will (due to being a federal offense).

In contrast to other lamia subspecies who share traits with terrestrial snakes, Melusines are more similar to sea snakes and prefer to live by the shore near oceans, lakes or rivers.

Sadly, their wings aren't strong enough to lift their long lower bodies, making said wings being more vestigial in nature.

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