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The Gemara (Sanhedrin 7a) makes this observation with a clever quip: “When our love was strong, we could lay comfortably on the edge of a sword.However, now that our love is not as strong, even a bed that is 60 cubits long is not big enough!Erusin is a kind of engagement, except halachically speaking, it is as binding as marriage and would require a get in order to dissolve its bonds.Nesiun is the final stage, and is accomplished through various symbolic acts that indicate that the couple are now living together.The giving of the ring, along with the groom stating “Harey at etc.” effectuates erusin.

Often these qualities can only be developed in a more mature relationship. Nevertheless, for those readers that are not content with accepting their biological destiny, we have the following thoughts: The difference between Man and animal is that Man can use his intellect to transcend his environment and overcome his instinct.

With this introduction, we can now proceed to the heart of the matter.

The Gemara Sanhedrin (28b) rules that a wife through erusin is also considered a relative and one may not testify about her, even though it is not a fully complete marriage.

Of course one very important relation is the spouse.

The reader may be familiar with the concept that Jewish marriage is accomplished in two stages, erusin and nisuin.

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