Jerome dating paula

He is also known to have had a bad temper, which often came out when he was defending the Church. He had the virtues and the unpleasant fruits of being a fearless critic and all the usual moral problems of a man.

He was, as someone has said, no admirer of moderation whether in virtue or against evil.

Tertullian inveighed against its use in the advocacy of a woman's right to preach and to baptize.

Eugenia of Rome in the reign of Commodus (180-192) is reported in the Acts of her martyrdom to have taken Thecla as her model after reading the text, prior to its disapproval by Tertullian.

A statue of the Virgin Mary looks out at pilgrims from atop the main entrance, and below her, a statue of St Jerome guards the courtyard, a book in his hand and a skull at his feet, reminding us of his great work and of the transience of our human existence.All photography courtesy and copyright of Diana von Glahn and “The Faithful Traveler”, all rights reserved, used with permission.Stained glass photo: Glasfenster in Katharinenkirche Bethlehem, Bgabel at wikivoyage shared, own work, , CC, Wikimedia Commons.Today, he rests at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore. Jerome is a great patron saint for those of us who love books and languages.He was born in 342 AD in a small town at the head of the Adriatic, somewhere in Croatia or Slovenia.

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