Jay naylors original life updating Chat with black girls online

Some girls, small children and animals have perfected the powerful charm technique utilizing the eyes to disarm secondary and tierary defenses.

Such techniques have oft been seen as exploits in bypassing well established automated denial defenses. All of which require extensive support networks and good coordination.

This usually comes out to about 2 full color pages per week, or 8 per month, sometimes more (this number may go up as my need to do commissions decreases).

I also will be doing warm-up sketches, many of which are serialized in their own mini-stories, and posting them here, exclusively.

Lumpkinville - A straight-up cartoon universe set in the generic rural South, complete with humans, furries, witches, magic, spells, and anything and everything I feel like at the moment.

Steering Committee - Access to everything, adult comic pages, as well as the ability to vote on which projects get completed next when I make entries asking for feedback.

There's no magic, no gods, but there's enough superstition for people to believe in them.

Genre: Furry Date Added: 1 June 2009 Last Update: 18 June 2016 URL: Current Comic Ranking: 326/25944 Views This Month: 3925 (More...) Average Views a Month: 539 (More...) Favourite of: 119 members Status: Synopsis: Original Life is the continuation of Better Days, a webcomic by Jay Naylor.

It takes place 10-12 years after the events of Better Days.

I’ve created a Subscribestar account as a hedge against Patreon in case they start getting iffy about adult material.

You can find my Subscribestar page here: https:// They’re more doggedly dedicated to hosting all kinds of material.

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