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I’ll open up this dress just a little – enough for you to know that I’m not wearing any underwear.

My flesh is so soft and supple, one touch will make you an addict.

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Sometimes exasperating, irresistible and totally transparent. Remember the first time when your man was still trying to win your heart? Then you must know, how disappointing it feels to know, that you gonna NEVER be the object of her desire.Not for hot wings and the game – take me out to a place where they have folded cloth napkins on the table, and a wine list.I want to eat something delicate, like a pheasant or some kind of small animal’s liver.I have an internal metal skeleton that is highly articulating, and lets you position me into any pose you can think of.I’m a bit of an individual – I think my own way and I do my own things.

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