Inserting updating and deleting data with the sqldatasource How can i sex chat without singing up

Actually, the way autonumber works (at least I think he means autonumber) you insert all other fields except the ID that is getting auto-incremented.

When you want to update/delete, you use the database ID number to institute the changes.

There’s a Click event handler assigned to the Add Button.

the table in sql Server is like this CREATE TABLE Milestone ( ID int identity(1,1) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, Branch varchar(max) NOT NULL default '', KO varchar(max) NOT NULL default 'f', KS varchar(max) NOT NULL, Customer varchar(50) NOT NULL, PR_Received datetime NOT NULL, PR_MIPR varchar(50) NOT NULL, RFP_CONTRACT varchar(50) NOT NULL, Descrip nvarchar(max) NOT NULL) I have commented out the insert part where insertion is done. You may also examine the resources below: Automatic operations with Sql Data Source control in hierarchical grid Insert/Update/Delete with stored procedures and Sql Data Source control By default Rad Grid extracts the values from the column editors for all columns of the currently edited Grid Item when updating or inserting a new record unless they are set as read-only.When deleting an item, Rad Grid extracts the values from the cells of the Grid Item that is to be deleted.For example if the column name is Name its corresponding parameter name will be @Name.Once this is done the Sql Data Source will automatically pick values from respective Text Boxes inside the Grid View row to be edited.

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