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We have seen captains changing, disasters wrecking sport in the nation and political and social turmoil affecting the morale of the Pakistani public and cricketers, but the next few days can improve the situation for everyone who has some kind of association with Pakistan.

A new leader is at the helm in the form of Younis Khan, a generally respected figure.

Although it is too early to speak in favour of or against Younis’s captaincy, he needs to lead with relentless aggression because that is the only way Pakistan can become a top side.

Younis has been Pakistan’s best batsmen for almost 2 years now, Gul has been Pakistan’s best bowler for almost the same duration.

He needs to bat with confidence and play his natural game.

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The Brotherhood believes mankind’s expulsion from the Garden of Eden means human beings deserve a lifetime of "pain and grief and suffering and death," and thus ikhar comes from the Serpent, the devil, and so Fife’s willing to use the agency’s assets to thwart Fanning’s quest.

An intelligent, intriguing, fast-moving blend of science fiction and thriller.

The next few days bring an uncanny excitement to Pakistan cricket fans.

Despite her scientific skepticism, Fanning is hired by mega-billionaire Clayton Stahlman, who's dying from lung disease, to seek ikhar, the panacea.

Stahlman assigns Rick Hayden, supposedly an ex-SEAL, as her bodyguard, and the unlikely pair races from New York to Quintana Roo, then the Negev, the Pyrenees, and finally the Orkneys.

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