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But suddenly with this guy, you decide to reinforce a sick man's delusions! If you think nothing's working, you can always go back to your scheming. Darryl Nolan: Everything in your life has been about finding the truth. It shouldn't be surprising that House is curious about his biological father. The Wilson porno plot is hilarious and the speed dating scenes are great too.If anything is surprising it's that he didn't do the research sooner. Chase's reaction to breaking up with Cameron has been handled a bit oddly at times, but him doubting that she really loved him makes sense.Though the lack of sex might be part of why he's so desperate to get together with Cuddy.13 is surprised that Taub takes the pro-community tack, but it he's a pretty old-fashioned guy.

And then I met someone at a psychiatric hospital of all places. The porn/masturbation reference reminds me that there has been no mention of hookers (joking or otherwise) here in Season 6 so far.It appears that, since he's decided to pursue real relationships, House gave them up along with drugs.For another, she's really good at reading people if she is lying and that should have some appeal to House.I guess he went to the speed dating determined that he wouldn't find a match.

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