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At first he refused, but when they threatened to use a device to break into his Xiaomi 6 smartphone, he relented and entered the password. The officers searched his apartment, where he lives with his parents, but backed down after the parents complained that they were searching through things that were not his, he said.

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A network of computers in China bombarded Telegram, a secure messaging app used by many of the protesters, with a huge volume of traffic that disrupted service.

To go to and from the protests, many stood in lines to buy single-ride subway tickets instead of using their digital payment cards, which can be tracked.

Some confronting the police covered their faces with hats and masks, giving them anonymity as well as some protection from tear gas.

In 2014, an informal online referendum about Hong Kong’s political future drew what at that time was one of the largest such attacks in history.

A separate cyberattack in 2015 hijacked traffic from Baidu, the Chinese search engine, to overload a website hosting copies of services blocked in China, like Google, the BBC, and The New York Times.

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