Hibernate pre invalidating space

Full Hibernate documentation can be found here; the relevant information is the existence of a class, object is a single-threaded, short-lived object, usually associated with a session (for example a web session, mapping a web request). The first level cache is associated with this object.

Once a item is retrieved from the DB, it is stored here.

The store has several branches, saved in the stores table (which id, city, address).

Items to be sold are saved in the items table (having an id, serial number, name, description).

To see what DB calls the application makes, we will set property hibernate.show_sql to value true.

Jetty was used in embedded mode, and the build produces a file; it can be easily run. As you can see in the repository, we have several controllers.

The demo application, named Electronic Store, manages an electronic store.

I’s a REST API, retrieving data from the following database: The database models an electronic store.

The Query Cache is strictly related to Entities and it draws an association between a search criteria and the Entities fulfilling that specific query filter.

In Java world, Hibernate is a well known ORM and JPA provider. For Java web applications, Hibernate is a often used solution.

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