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Trend Micro Home Users Community Hi glscholtens, I understand that you want an antivirus software that won't affect and eat your data due to being updated everyday for security reasons.There's one antivirus that I know of and you will definitely like and this antivirus doesn't use updates on a regular basis and updates everyday.Trend Micro Home Users Community Thanks, but that will solve the problem partly.

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The only solution I do see, is un-installing the Trend software, and select another virus-scan package, which is not updating automatically.The updates being released consists latest patterns of malware and patches for the product.Tags: dating radioactive style a lab on forensic archaeologydating myself lyricssex dating in hayes center nebraskadating on and off for 7 yearsfor dating an olderonline dating scam iv been robbeddating someone gential herpesgroom love dating ruromances romances in china dating loveedith labelle dating gsp However, if you are using either Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 you have the option to turn on the Download over metered connections feature, you may temporarily turn this feature off then perform a manual update on your Trend Micro program."I think this scheme's well within reason as far as security purposes go, and less offensive than a wall.Using cameras instead of building a wall would be a step down from the US authorities in my opinion.

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