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She holds a law degree from Worcester College in Oxford.

Gemma kick-started her career as one of the models of Project Catwalk which grabbed the attention of the famous BBC series,” Doctor Who (The Waters of Mars).” Eventually, she got the role of geologist Mia Bennett in that series.

Viewers were struck by just how much this familiar yet seldom explored reality hit home, with some tweeting about how relatable the narrative was and others highlighting that it might've been a little too emotionally affecting for women struggling with the pressure around fertility and relationship status in their 30s and beyond.

Thankfully, even though we don't see Hannah's future play out, Chan has a good feeling about where her story would have gone beyond those final scenes when she decides to keep moving forward alone, with herself as the only priority.

Harry posted a photo of her graduation day on his Instagram.

As of May 2015, Gemma began working as a freelance journalist for media outlets such as The Debrief and MTV UK.

Chan, who co-created this episode in the series, explained that though she and series creator Dominic Savage had long intended to produce something specifically on motherhood, fertility and societal pressures on women, the journey to the final narrative took a couple of detours.

"The initial idea was that it would be a woman who wasn't in a relationship but was absolutely certain that she wanted to have a child and goes down the route of artificially inseminating herself and having a baby on her own," Chan explained.

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