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But Jen found a shoulder to cry on while on set – her handsome costar Martin Henderson.According to a new report in this week’s edition of Star Magazine, the chemistry between Jen and Martin is undeniable, and they have been inseparable over the course of the last few weeks.But it looks like Michael Vartan may have been just a platonic buddy until their split became official.In fact, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were talking reconciliation until she found out he cheated with naughty nanny Christine Ouzounian right under Jennifer’s nose.Scott Foley spoke up to say that Jennifer Garner’s fame was the issue in their divorce and told People Magazine “Nobody else was involved.” But Jen may have started with Vartan as her marriage to Scott Foley was ending and has done the same as her marriage to Ben is breaking up.Rumors have linked Garner to Vartan back as far as June when Affleck and Garner were still denying the split. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck just announced their divorce, but don’t worry about Jen – she’s going to be just fine.When news broke of the divorce, everyone seemed to rally behind Jennifer Garner.

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But, she might want to hold off on anything serious until after she is done divorcing Ben and has settled their custody agreement over the kids.But now that Jennifer and Ben are officially divorcing, it’s a green light for Jennifer to start dating again – either with Vartan or another guy.There is also talk that Jennifer Garner may be getting cozy on the set of her new movie Miracles from Heaven with hunky New Zealand-born costar Martin Henderson.Although she is hesitant to jump head first into a new relationship, especially since she is still technically married, there is definitely something there between her and Martin!Jennifer Garner could definitely use a rebound, or two, to give her a little pick me up after her and Ben’s breakup.

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