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Over the course of this ebook, you will learn how to: Most of your sales will happen over time and over several channels.

See which channels you should focus on and how they can work together to turn website visitors into potential customers.

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You get to reach more customers on channels where they are the most likely to make a purchase.

To get your very own multi-channel marketing strategy started, you should keep in mind that there are a few requirements and conditions you need to fulfill to make it a success.

In multi-channel marketing, all these options are equally viable if they all lead to sales. You need a consistent brand story across channels so that customers can pick the channel they want to use (whilst hopefully still choosing you). Potential customers should have an easy way to switch to a different channel and they shouldn’t have to start the entire process from scratch when they do.

No matter if it’s their website, their catalogs or their ads, you always can tell that it’s IKEA by the unique font, the art direction or the characteristic cardboard elements. If you know that very few of your customers would like to call you to order something, you can skip phone as a channel and focus on more lucrative alternatives.First off, multi-channel marketing is not just about making several sales channels available.If you start by setting up a ton of different channels and then just hope that they will bring extra revenue, you will end up doing a lot more work and not seeing a great return on your investment.Jacob writes reports, blog posts and other pieces of content to help businesses offer better support and sales services.Over the years, he prepared over 140 self-service knowledge base articles.

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