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About 80% are freelancers and you will hardly ever see a ladyboy (probably they are not allowed to enter).

The entrance fee is 400 THB (this includes one free drink).

There are several Bangkok nightclubs that are a popular spot for freelance working girls who are willing to have sex in exchange for money. The club doesn’t pay them any commission and guests are not charged for interacting with them. Some girls buy their own drink, while others might ask you to treat them.

Photo: Freelance girls at a nightclub Some girls will try to have eye contact with you and signal you that they are interested in you.

Furthermore, you can talk, dance, and joke around with these girls, just like you would do with a regular girl.

At some point, if you are interested in her, you can offer her to accompany you to your place. It’s best to let her quote her price before negotiating.

Furthermore, as a general advice, don't fall into the love trap (i.e, don't get into a serious relationship with a bar girl). Location: Nana) Insanity Club has been an important part of Bangkok's nightlife for several years already.

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Also it is worth to mention that around 50-60% of the ladies are freelance prostitutes.Unlike Pattaya, the rates for girls are higher in Bangkok.Usually they expect 2000-4000 THB for the night and 1500 for short time.Due to its unique view (39th floor) over Bangkok's skyline and its extravagant interior it is the shiny pearl among Bangkok's nightclubs.The clientele in this club is a mix of wealthy young expats and hiso and middle class Thais.

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