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We've got a full list of our top Christmas towns right here (La Jolla, pictured here, is included).SHOP ADVENTURE NOTEBOOKSBefore you head out on your train trip, be sure to read the classic Christmas book to refresh your memory.SHOP VASES Whether you've got a romantic date in mind or a fun afternoon with the kids, ice skating is never a bad idea.

So get out your notebooks, put on your Santa hats, and let's get brainstorming! SHOP MINI PAILSIf you're more of an artificial Christmas tree person, this year, we suggest you try the real thing.

SHOP BESTSELLING ICE SKATESHere's a perfect Christmas activity for kids to do with their parents—and it yields some pretty practical results too.

This birdseed ornament looks good, and it'll help attract goldfinches to your yard. SHOP CHRISTMAS WREATHSHaven't collected Santa figurines before? Of course, you don't have to stick to a family of Saint Nicks; there are so many fun, Christmas-inspired trinkets to collect out there, from vintage train sets to vintage gift wrapping scissors.

Gather up your friends and family for an ugly holiday sweater party, bundle up and hit the streets for a rousing caroling session (come one, come all!

), have a "family sleepover" by the twinkling light of your Christmas tree, or simply sip on a delicious Christmas cocktail in your living room.

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