Fraud on internet dating sites

So I figured well, heck, if it can work for them, then I can certainly try it.I’d never heard of anybody being taken by an online romance, I’d only heard the good stuff.He had started an internet company, and I was thrown into running it, in addition to my own job as a treasurer for one of the local schools.

There were multiple times when either Peter’s daughter got hurt, or Eric got hurt, and I would help out with certain things.So I kind of went into it trusting that what was going to happen would be good.The first couple of guys that reached out, I thought, Then I was contacted by a fellow who was from London, who was an international businessman and a widower. At that point, I knew there was a difference between the divorced guys, and the widowed guys. I really did some due diligence, because I had been an Air Force intelligence officer, I’d been a senior branch manager at a bank, and I’d had some legal training, so all that kind of kicked in, and I started looking around to see who he was.When he said he wasn’t going to get paid until it was done, and expenses came up — there were customs problems, there were tariffs, there were things I wanted to know more about.I would always ask, so I also got to know his attorney, whose name was Peter.

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