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Dennis himself expects the deals companies be cut out of the equation — which could be accomplished through a rumored partnership with daily-deal aggregator Yipit.Combining discounts with the Plans feature above would be even more enticing for users.With so many approaches to product management, I found but a single common philosophy that bound all successful products together: success.If you want to skip the product lessons, just jump straight to the end to my predictions for Foursquare’s future.And there should be no doubt that Foursquare’s best work lies ahead.By looking closely at the past three years, we can attempt to extrapolate: Foursquare already lets you specify events when checking in at major venues.

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If Foursquare allows people to broadcast their plans ahead of time, there’s no reason why they can’t be what Plancast tried to become, “Foursquare for the Future“.

Anyone who’s tried Square’s side project, Card Case, has felt the future of mobile payments — and knows it feels a lot like a check-in.

Foursquare already has a popular integration with American Express cards for discounts, as well as the ability to view restaurant menus and prices.

The first step will be the inclusion of events happening tonight in Foursquare’s Explore section.

But eventually, you can probably expect notifications like, “You haven’t hung out with Anand in a while, would you like to reserve dinner with him at Ryoko tomorrow at 9? Foursquare’s official line on adding events to Explore: We’ve seen that people love checking into events — hundreds of thousands have checked in since we officially launched events last year.

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