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Neither one had the new update which came out during the night.

Had to "manually" get updates which was no problem for me but if I'm not around my spouse and young-un will NEVER remember to do it manually. This intermittent problem may not be restricted to version 6.2 updates.

Obviously, I'd first suspect CA's server is playing a part in all of this.

But could it also be a routing/DNS thing from certain servers/areas?

someone reputed to work for them has posted an 'explanation', something about the order of posting on the server, but I can't find the thread right now ...»e Trust EZ AV Updates Problem»e Trust EZ AV Updater is crashing! Since we were both trying this around the same time and had very different results, I'm a bit stumped...

The earlier 6.2 update problem (from a week or two ago) was apparently due to e Trust's servers not updating in a timely fashion. Looks like the server(s) is/are up and down at the moment.

It should say something like: Version : 8419That is the latest signature version available.

Both of my computers are set to check for updates and download/install new ones upon start-up.XP, version= .468 - libad: Crypto support enabled19/06/2004 .468 - Downloading module list:19/06/2004 .468 - libad: download url: »://com/pub/mye Trus ··· ules.txt19/06/2004 .328 - Error Code: 0 - 550 That is not a directory.19/06/2004 .328 - Agent Exception:19/06/2004 .328 - Fatal error 3 during download.Please see log file C:\PROGRA~1\CA\ETRUST~1\ETRUST~1\for more information.This seems to be a problem with their update server. When I click the Autoupdate link, mine comes back "Already up to date".The current Version number is 8400 and the last date updated is June 18 2004Not sure why your's isn't completing???

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