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This gene gets its name due to the segmented expression pattern which is thought to resemble a tarpaulin covering an 18-wheeler truck.This gene encodes a transcription factor which is involved in the formation of heart and dorsal vascular musculature.Flies with mutations in Halloween Genes have altered exoskeleton development, giving the embryos a spooky appearance.This gene encodes a Toll-like receptor (TLR) and mutations in this gene result in defect in salivary gland invagination.

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This bacterium remains largely hidden from its host but induces a fascinating reproductive manipulation: the specific killing of male embryos.The flies carrying mutation in Boss gene fails to differentiate into a specific photoreceptor cell type called R7 cell. This gene encodes a putative transcription factor that functions in treminalia development in the fruit fly.Mutation in this gene leads to malformation in fruit fly’s genitalia development, meaning they lack external genitalia, just like our faithful Ken and Barbie dolls.Because of this the eyes of clown flies are a mosaic of white and red.This gene encodes an adapter protein which is required for the targeting and photoreceptor axon guidance.

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