Disaster movie lyrics dating

There is nothing clever or witty or remotely smart about the way these two write, and I can't believe that some people still pay to see these travesties.

It's an insult to the audience, though if they enjoy these films I doubt that they are smart enough to realize that.

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First of all a spoof film entitled "Disaster Movie", should indeed be a spoof on disaster films.

Now I have seen 1 (yes count them, 1) disaster film being spoofed, that being "Twister".

See more » I am writing this in hopes that this gets put over the previous review of this "film".

How anyone can find this slop entertaining is completely beyond me.

Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page.

The "Chipmunks" later sang Chipmunk Boogie, in which Will, Calvin, Giselle joins them by dancing.

Will & Calvin find them cute & harmless but after they said that, the "Chipmunks" show their true nature by singing a dark rock song "Chipmunk Metal", surprising the main characters.

") on his crotch leaving Calvin, Juney & Giselle to run away from him, as "Theodore" attacks Calvin.

Juney then tries to help him by hit "Theodore" with a baseball bat but instead hits Calvin.

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