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– Gendry, the character he plays in Game of Thrones, will end the show having slain the Night King, wrestled all three dragons into submission, and ruling over the Seven Kingdoms with his consort Jon Snow. Only a few thousand people in the world know how the biggest show in TV history will ultimately go down, and although one of those people happens to be sitting opposite me in the pub, I’m not going to ask what happens, and he wouldn’t tell me if I did. ’” No spoilers indeed – although this does somewhat limit our season eight discussion.

(As mentioned, we’re on the softies.) When the cast received the scripts for the final seven episodes, “it was like a grenade went off on the Whats App groups. “It’s the tricky thing whenever this time of year rolls around,”says Dempsie cheerfully.

“There was something almost religious about watching him perform, and I think everyone at that gig felt the same way.” – His older sister got him into UK garage, playing tunes such as Indo’s ‘R U Sleeping’ and Tina Moore’s ‘Never Gonna Let You Go’.

“DJ Spoony decided to partner with the Ignition Orchestra, and put a night on at the Barbican of orchestral renditions of garage classics, and it was the best night of my life.” – His favourite film is Shane Meadows’ A Room For Romeo Brass. “It was the best film I'd ever seen, and it had people that I knew in it.” The two leads, Andrew Shim and Ben Marshall, were local boys, even attended the same Nottingham drama workshop as Dempsie.

Suddenly, being an actor went from abstract concept to tangible career: if people who lived round the corner could do it, why couldn’t he?

When fellow cast members gush about how much they love Joe, it’s because they really do love Joe.

“It sounds like an exaggeration, but the next day you couldn’t walk down the street without people saying something or stopping you.

For three years after that, life was pretty intense.

It made his name, offering opportunities that a young actor could only dream of; it also offered “a little slice of what it must be like to be Harry Styles”– exist as an object of desire and fascination for a certain type of teenager.

“It was a very specific age group,” says Dempsie of the superfans.

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