Define backdating stock options

When my unemployment was about to run out (literally my last check), I got a call from a headhunter in Dallas asking me if I wanted to be the Director of Internal Audit for a public company in Dallas (I was living in New Hampshire).

I had never been a Director of Internal Audit but I thought, "Anyone can figure out a new position if they put their mind to it." I had been a CPA for a big 4 public accounting firm.

I think of the Dark Night of the Soul as that gut wrenching, crying and screaming at the Gods at 3 AM moments of life-when you have no idea why bad things happen to good people like you and you have no idea what to do next to make things better.

Robert explains the Dark Night of the Ego as the period "In Between or Liminality." Robert tells us that, "We need these periods of being 'in between.' That's essentially what a Dark Night of the Ego is: a space in between two identities, a period in which our ego waits to be given new soul coordinates.

On the day of the lay off as I was leaving the office, I heard a voice inside me say, "It's always darkest before the dawn." I wasn't buying it in that moment.What we choose will always point toward what we hold dear in our hearts, no matter what we say our philosophies are.Values define how we live and what we choose." I might reverse that sentence and say that how we live and what we choose define are real values.I flew down to Dallas praying that I wouldn't have to relocate there, but I resigned myself to follow the flow of events wherever they wanted to take me.Within a few days of the interview, I was not only offered the position, but the CFO let me work from my home office since I would be traveling around the world.

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