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San Francisco based relationship advice columnist has provided witty commentary and street smart insight into the dating dilemmas of thousands since 1992.Author of SUCKA FREE LOVE: HOW TO AVOID DATING THE DUMB, THE DECEITFUL, THE DASTARDLY, THE DYSFUNCTIONAL & THE DERANGED! Com for more information and to schedule your presentation.Published: August 3, 2009 I've found that texting is generally seen as a nuisance for people over the age of 40.For one thing, most of us have fingers that are NOT bony.Ask yourself these questions: Are you influenced by a man's good looks, flattering words, charisma and success? men who dress like and live their lives as women because they say they were born in the wrong body. more Interracial relationships have always gone on in the black community, primarily taking place between black men and women of other races.However, over the past 15 years or so, black women are catching up and marrying non-black...more All over the country, black women hold out hope of finding the mythical "Good Black Man." This guy is as rare as a Unicorn.Yeah I do know a few (some of them call this show), but reality is that 99.5% of black men are no where...

more NEVER DATE A DEAD ANIMAL is a must read for women who date, fall in love with and commit to antisocial personalities. Cee, top hip hop DJ who confessed to having numerous encounters with transgender women...

The discussion will investigate pertinent dating issues for single parents such as: Is it best to introduce dates to your children or not? What should a parent do if their children strongly dislike a new partner?

The call-in format talk-radio show will stream live from the host page at

We are accused of using false coupons and taking…Girlfriend, gaslighting is ALWAYS deliberate.

Everyone has the right to their choice, and to refuse to deal with whomever they please.

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