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Some of them are really interesting and fun; they do amazing things with their lives and seem to really be into you.They have that sublime masculine energy that is very appealing.Any one of them could grab you, carry you out of the bar and put who knows what God knows where, and there is little you could do to stop them.But there’s strength in numbers, so you and your friends gather whatever sober courage you can muster and head to the bar.Boom.” As you might guess from their name, Pickup101is firmly in the second camp.

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You haven’t even met them, but you can see the gears turning behind their eyes.Love and compassion are my Educated, friendly and now retired Canadian business man and engineer, single and live alone in Hanoi.I am currently staying in Japan but I will go back to Vietnam in April next year.I consider myself I love life, the ebb and flow of the journey.If a solution cannot be found, it is time to learn the lesson, let go, and move forward.anyone can add their opinions and advice but please refrain from bashing the Vietnamese women.

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