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Due to the Great Depression, only a few of these were manufactured, making them quite valuable.Observe the company name on the embossing or the label.If the glass has a dark hue, especially amber, then it was probably manufactured before 1907.But this needs to be confirmed because of reproductions, and the company's commemorative versions which resemble antique bottles.

Bottles with an embossing on the neck, with a 'swirl' design having the company name displayed in a rounded form, and surrounded by an oval border, were manufactured by Pepsi beginning in the late 1950s.

The history of Pepsi can be traced all the way back to the summer of 1858, when a pharmacist by the name of Caleb Bradham was trying to find a way to draw more customers to his store in New Bern, North Carolina.

He realized that there was nothing better than a drink for such a purpose.

Matchbooks have been around since 1892, when Joshua Pusey patented the idea of paper matches, whose tips were dipped in a solution of sulphur and phosphorus and then stapled to a piece of cardboard.

The Diamond Match Company promptly purchased Pusey’s patent (he remained Diamond’s attorney for the rest of his life), and in 1894, a company salesman named Henry Traute got his first order for 10 million matchbooks bearing ads for Pabst beer on...

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