Dating staffordshire pottery

Some figures were so complicated they required three moulds to complete.

Most of the Victorian-era Staffordshire figures were painted overglaze; colours were applied after the first white glazing, enabling the piece to be fired at lower temperatures and allowing a wider range of colours.

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Before this discovery, there were no colours that could stand the high temperatures of the glazing kilns.

After 1865 cobalt blue was no longer in use; and overglaze enamel colours were used exclusively. By the1870's most figures were produced in white, and a less expensive form of gilding was introduced, which was painted on after firing which made it a much cheaper method of production.

While not nearly as attractive as later models, these primitive examples can sell for many hundreds of pounds.

Englands Industrial Revolution coincided almost exactly with the start of Queen Victoria's reign in 1837, creating wealth from industry.

Popular characters from literature (Uncle Tom, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet) were identified on the base, as were political figures of the day (often the only way we remember them).

The popularity of Queen Victoria's reign spawned hundreds of examples of the Queen and Prince Albert and all their large family.

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