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As you repeatedly go through one of these games with your different romantic focuses each loop through you'll notice that things in the story can change pretty drastically after a designated turning point, depending on how that particular sim is laid out.

Characters who are hale and hearty in one route will up and die in another, enemies become friends and vice versa.

While the tools offered by these games tacitly encourage narrative manipulation, such as skipping of prior-read text, jumping directly to decision points, massive amounts of save slots, gallery completion percentages, and new game plus content, unfortunately the user experience design isn't there to train someone completely new to this experience.

And this is where us in the West run into misconceptions about the depth of these games.

At this stage I advise friends new to the genre that they need to focus on a chosen character early and aim for that goal ceaselessly.

And I assure them not to panic from this seemingly premature decision, because dating sims are specifically designed so that you will want to see all the available characters, each attempt requiring its own separate playthrough on a different timeline entirely.

You can also hire someone who already has obtained this level to unlock it.

Or else the game really won't know what to do with you, and thus you will be punished. Non-romantic visual novels do exist for those who don't want to opt in to this particular character-focused experience, but for this article we’ll be limiting ourselves to the love simulation variety.

It’s a troubling view of human relations in general but it’s one that simple gameplay mechanics can handle.

So now we come upon the quantum conundrum of dating sims.

This isn't Persona 4, you can't get away with dating them all at once.

Japanese dating sim players often refer to the romanceable characters in the games as "capturable." Whether you want to interpret that as literal or prefer to see yourself as "captivating" the various characters’ attentions is up to you, and sometimes up to the particular game’s themes.

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