Dating new friends

If you don't like it, fix one or both of those.As for dating, I find it hard to believe in this day and age people think going to the bar and trolling for randoms is going to be more fruitful than dating apps, but.... Your post to me reads more about the disconnect between your expectations and reality - meaning, the difference between how easy it is to make friends when you're in situations (school, work, etc) when you are around people quite a bit, and/or they are in a similar situation (wrt needing new friends) and how much effort is required to break into other peoples existing social networks such that you can develop a meaningful relationship with that person.However the fundamental issue with dating apps is that girls automatically raise their standards as opposed to meeting people in person because in person you can show off your good personality where as dating apps are almost purely physical to get your foot in the door.Most of the best quality women from my past I've met in person.What I'm saying is that its incredibly easy to meet casual acquaintances but it feels near impossible to make meaningful friendships.

I've gotten used to the outward friendliness of southern people but it seems to me it only exists on the surface.Can't say how many random homes I've ended up in without knowing the clique previously, and I'm not extemely outgoing, but that will never happen at Buckhead Saloon. People in the south get married earlier so by default the number of friends and singles goes down.I also live in Buckhead for commute reason but probably don't belong in Buckhead.You need to meet people and hang out dozens of times for a meaningful friendship to take root - it doesn't happen overnight, and many times, it doesn't happen at all.If people are asking you about your frat, its probably either because you're hanging out in the wrong place (buckhead), or you look like a frat guy.

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