Dating nemadji pottery marks

native american:- I recently purchased a narrow necked ceramic vase ; fat bottomed; about 8" tall x 6" wide at the base.

I was attracted by the distinctive cream coloured, bisque fired, green and smokey black marbled matte finish on outside with clear interior glaze. There is a paper label for the Blackfoot Trading Post in Browning, Montana..don't respond to queries and none of the obvious internet and library sources have been helpful.

It is now known that the primitive ancestors of our present Indians lived here when the great ice sheet started to melt and retreat.

The pieces did not have to be refired and dried quickly, creating uniquely decorated pots every time.

Nemadji was certainly not the first manufacturer who decorated pottery with a marbled effect.

The pottery is burned in a kiln and glazed on the inside.

The warm rich colors of this pottery recall the colorful costumes of the redman, who, though long since gone to the happy hunting ground, still haunts in spirit the plains, streams, woods, and lakes of this our Empire.

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