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We’ve all grown up with it and know its familiar format of short, interesting articles and regular columns and features such as “Humor in Uniform” and “Life in these United States.” The regular magazine is also famously compact so the special large-print edition is the perfect fit for seniors.

If you know someone “following their dream”—aged 50 to 100 , you too and offer a suggestion!

While it’s important to hear and read about medical breakthroughs and other practical advice that can be significant for older people to know, it’s also great to get pure entertainment that is meant just for us.

Everyone tends to be interested in things relating to their own age group, so we’ve compiled a list of six good magazines for senior citizens.

Each issue is filled with a mixture of reader-submitted photos and stories as well as recipes, classic advertisements, and even comics from the 1930s onward.

Readers are encouraged to share their own photos and stories, which could be a wonderful project for any new subscriber.

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