Dating luxemburg im too picky with dating men

And unfortunately, I’ve never been one of those connecting people who walk in a bar without knowing anyone and get out leading a group of strangers towards the next pub.

At the beginning, I was also extremely shy and lacked any sort of confidence.

So I did what most people do these days when they find themselves in a similar situation, I went first on meetic, then on badoo, then finally on Tinder.

I like to think that I’ve learned (and I’m still learning) some things. This does not apply only to Luxembourg, but the fact that there are so many expats and foreigners makes things a little more complicated. Ours has new challenges like balance between security and freedom, or between exposure and privacy. If you really don’t want not to see someone ever again, then move out or pray that they would move out.

I was feeling like in one of those comedies where the character is thrown in the skin of someone else, or in an unknown place and has to learn quickly what takes years of practice.

Also their public analyses about the data they collected is a fun read.

( used their dating site though, just liked the math.

Most of the times, all you get is penis pics or a meeting with someone that does not even look remotedly the same as his profile picture suggested (aka, every other one uploads 10 years old pics). Perhaps too biaised after years of dabbling with online exchanges people are really those you meet offline.

I wouldn't want anyone to know where I (plus/minus) live...

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