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I would play games of my own and pretend to be someone I was not.Then, when that didn’t work, I would beg, cry, and throw crazy tantrums. In desperation, you lose a lot of self-respect and become ‘one of those girls’ who acts irrational and crazy at every turn.

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Usually, he would start to become the guy I first met again. This fun, free, and interactive course teaches singles what to look for in a healthy relationship, and how to identify key markers of an unhealthy relationship. Lots of research." "Information provided in an easily digestible way ..." "I love this class!! " "Ways to better myself to make and maintain healthy relationships." "How honest and so much information it has, I could relate to a lot of it." "That this course could be applied to all relationships with people at work / dating / family, etc." "Great materials.He started to say all the right things and do the right things, and this is where I could easily get sucked back into the relationship and have to go through all the stages again just to get back to this point. And the more time I had away from him, the more I realized what a complete loser he was.But, eventually, I would move on to the next stage. And, in retrospect, I couldn’t believe that I ever dated someone like that. As you can see, there is one good step in the above ten steps. With a woman going through that, how would you ever win her over for the long run?

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