Dating hofner violin basses

It was delivered to him around the beginning of October 1963 and first seen on the television show “Thank Your Lucky Stars” on 10th October.This bass has remained with Paul ever since and can be heard on numerous massive hits, seen on millions of photographs and in many films.It is a semi hollow electric guitar which delivers that surf Höfner Verythin style, only with a reduced body size which makes it "snuggly".We like the dry tone coming our of it, and from the entire Verythin line in general, but the HCT-VTH-D stood out when it came to overdrives and effects in general.Apart from that portable instrument, Höfner's specialty for guitarists is the classical acoustic guitar.

The world-famous guitar producers have sponsored the addition of two new left-handed bass guitars, kindly donated to the award-winning The Beatles Story.The overall tone was more solid and we found it to be a versatile guitar. Inspired by the original Hofner Verithin bass from the 1960s the new Hofner Contemporary version of the Verythin Bass offers you an archtop bass with vintage look and sound at an affordable price.The short scale of 30" makes this electric bass guitar easy to play and handle while the centre block gives modern deep bass sounds and helps to eliminate feedback.Höfner's classical guitars are well-suited to novice and professional players alike.With Höfner In your collection, you'll quickly understand what made this luthier the biggest maker of stringed instruments in their native Western Europe.

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