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In other words, tall women may have to put themselves out there more than other women who are less intimidating.The clincher, of course, is to develop thick skin and to not take disinterest or brush-offs from men personally. This is one of the most important exercises that can truly change how you feel about yourself and your body.Just remember to never apologize for your height and to be proud of who you are.

He has had extensive training in conducting couples therapy and is the author of Dr.Tall women who experience romantic discrimination the most are approximately 5’10” and taller.If you take an informal poll of men, you’ll quickly see that many men have little or no interest in dating a tall woman.After you’ve heard your new guy’s response, feel free to state your own position – another indicator of confidence. I’ve never really understood what the big deal is, because I’m happy with my body.” Men love women who like themselves, and confronting this issue directly allows you to remind him that you are clear, know what you want, and – most importantly – like yourself enough to stand up for the things you believe in!At the end of the day, tall women make terrific friends, family members, and romantic partners.

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