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I got a phone call message which said someone would be by my home and place of employment to give me a summons. Then later I called the number back and spoke with someone.They said I had this old debt, I told them that I never had such a card. —TJBelieve it or not, there are varying degrees of debt collection scams.Most legitimate debt collectors do not use “or else” type of threats to collect. In fact, virtually everything I mention that the fake debt collectors do, a real debt collector can and often will be sued for.The debt collection laws they would be breaking are both state and federal violations.Nowadays, between my site, and many others that are part of my daily activity and news feed, I see a reference to some fake debt collector on a near daily basis.And some of what I see shows that the scam is getting more sophisticated.Some debt collection scams are designed for the quick cash.

Referring to any investigator is awfully close to suggesting there is law enforcement involved in collecting the debt. These kinds of words and phrases are not used by legitimate debt collectors.

That is just how that kind of escalated collection action works.

There is such a low probability that a legitimate debt collector will both threaten you with an “or else” set to happen same day (or close to it), while simultaneously suggesting your payment will put a stop to it, that the chance of this being a fake debt collection scam are high.

They didn't know who was supposed to serve me (sheriff) and didn't even know where I lived. They kept threatening that the court date would be set as soon as the guy showed up at my house. What tricked me the most was they said I, or someone, had made payments for the last 10 years... Basically get them to admit to their illegal bullying threats so I could collect the fines from them. Add to that the fact that fake debt collectors continue to get better at… What to do, and how to go about doing it, when you suspect you are being called by an outright debt collection rip off artist, can be different than when you are dealing with a debt collector crossing the line with their unprofessional actions. There has been a rash of fake debt collection scams of late.

In haste I made a payment in full (reduced amount of course) to settle and not go to court! Ten years ago it was not something I would run into.

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