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As they tell it, 95% of members in post date fixup surveys expressed an interest in trying Project Fixup again.

The concept is now launching out of beta and into the San Francisco singles scene this week.

but that wasn’t what matched people up the best.” Press and her co-founder found matches worked better when they had the same interest in tech or both wanted kids or not.

“Those were much more important questions for us to ask,” Press says.

They had to change a lot of how they paired people up and change the algorithm a bit to get the right people together.

Here’s to hoping for more meaningful matches in the city by the Bay than what’s offered in some shallow app.

“If you want a hookup or to browse people, you can use Tinder,” she says.

“If you want to meet someone in person who shares your love of Tech Crunch on a Tuesday night at a bar in your neighborhood, Project Fixup is the easiest and best way to do that.” It’s also not the first attempt at digital matchmaking.

He writes in his book about digital matchmaking counterparts, old and new such as the “29 dimensions of compatibility” used by e Harmony or the percentage of “match,” “friend” or “enemy” on OKCupid.

None of those sites rely on human curation for the date set up, however.

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