Dating dinosaur fossils

If your children are fans of dinosaurs this Dinosaur Discovery kit from Green Kids Crafts is a great way to encourage the topic with 5 projects for science and arts and crafts it is a hit in our house.

We are big fans of National Geographic and their kid’s resources here and have brought this Fossil Mine Dig Kit a couple of times now one for each child and it’s gone down a hit.

Rana speculates that once this structural change happens, collagen will degrade faster than it would degrade in its native, low-temperature structure.10 He concludes that the Arrhenius equation fails to account for this accelerated degradation after collagen has denatured.

Fragments of various animal proteins have been found in several different dinosaur fossils.

Unlike some of the other versions that contain a plastic dinosaur to piece together, this contains real fossils a big bonus with my kids holding prehistory in their hands.

Looking for book inspiration for your dino fans then check out our Dinosaur Books for Toddlers and Preschoolers Cerys is a marine biologist, environmental educator, high school teacher and mum.

In turn, the Arrhenius equation is used to convert the decay rates obtained from these high temperatures to rates at lower temperatures.5 Thus, high temperature measurements can be used to predict collagen degradation at ground temperatures. Rana argues that the decay rates from high temperature studies may not fit within the parameters of the Arrhenius equation.

He speculates that how collagen degrades at high temperatures may be chemically different than how it degrades at lower temperatures.

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