Dating constatine

One of Constantine’s early concerns was to provide enough water for the citizenry.

While Old Rome didn’t have the problem, New Rome faced periods of intense drought in the summer and early autumn and torrential rain in the winter.

The intersection of the two streets was marked by a four-way arch, the tetraphylon.

North of the arch stood the old basilica which Constantine converted into a square court, surrounded by several porticos, housing a library and two shrines.

Although he kept some remnants of the old city, New Rome --four times the size of Byzantium-- was said to have been inspired by the Christian God, yet remained classical in every sense.

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Since it was surrounded almost entirely by water, it could be easily defended (especially when a chain was placed across the bay).

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The ambitious ruler defeated his rival, Maxentius, for power at the Battle of Milvian Bridge and became sole emperor of the west in 312 CE.

When Lucinius assumed power in the east in 313 CE, Constantine challenged and ultimately defeated him at the Battle of Chrysopolis, thereby reuniting the empire.

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