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By locating it's administrative offices directly adjacent to the new manufacturing and shipping facility, the company will operate more efficiently and have space for future growth.

The Press & Sun-Bulletin has selected the dormant former Endicott Johnson Corp site as the location for a new, high technology printing press and production facility.

This will download a PDF document with step-by-step instructions and the application.

Construction of a 125,000 square foot wholesale food distribution warehouse and a 25,000 square foot corporate office building which will consist of a structural steel frame with metal panel and masonry exterior walls, approximately 35 feet in.

To apply for financial assistance, you must first complete an application to be considered by our staff and board of directors.

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The building will be located at 1035 Anna Maria Drive-Rear and 1039 Anna Maria Drive Johnson City, NY.

The location is adjacent to the company's new manufacturing and shipping facility.

NPP will construct a brand new 23,000 /- sq ft office building, employee and visitor parking lots and park/green space.

The project is geared to the 55 and older retired population.

The project includes extensive land development costs for the project to move forward.

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