Dating and physical chemistry

Having such a connection that you can’t wait to see the person again to the point that you can barely eat or sleep is a lot like being a teenager (fun! You might love the feeling but not really be seeing the guy behind its haze. Whether or not you try to create a spark, it certainly helps if you’re attracted to the person from the beginning — and this doesn’t mean just physically.If you’re not blinded by chemistry when you first start dating, you can see the guy for what he really is — which is what you should be doing. When getting to know someone, if it feels like there’s absolutely no chemistry you can try your hand at creating it. Try spending time doing fun things with the person, like an adventure sport or attending an interesting class, instead of rushing to the bedroom where an awkward first encounter could make you wrongly assume there’s no chemistry. If you’ve tried lots of different things to cause a spark but you still don’t feel anything, it’s a sign to stop trying. You should find the person at least somewhat appealing, otherwise there’s no foundation from which chemistry can grow. Sometimes chemistry is there but it’s hiding because you or the guy are holding back and not revealing your true selves. So, sometimes it’s worth spending time getting to know someone on a casual basis so that you can be comfortable and give chemistry a chance to show up. The other thing about chemistry is that it can develop in time — but not if you’re watching it while holding a stopwatch.On the other hand, when the importance of physical chemistry is minimized or even determined to not matter, relationships can often overly feel like just "friends" and a "brother/sister" situation, which is a different problem as well. Condie adds to that quote, "In essence, physical intimacy within the proper bonds of marriage can and should become a spiritually bonding force within marriage." (Ensign, July 1986).An intimate/sexual relationship is important agent to bond and to stay bonded together in a marriage. Kimball has said, “We know of no directive from the Lord that proper sexual experience between husbands and wives need be limited totally to the procreation of children.” (Ensign, Oct. So, sexual intimacy in marriage is important because not only as an avenue of procreation, but as a powerful agent to regularly reconnect and strengthen marriages.Read on for some insight into your chemistry with your current — or future — bae. “It’s important to use your critical judgment to decide [if you’re right as a couple].” Rather than looking at physical chemistry as an indication that your S. Let’s not downplay the role of chemistry here: “Chemistry creates the foundation for building a life with someone,” Dr. If you loved your first lip-locking sesh, it might be worth digging deeper into these six levels of chemistry. Personality: This is how well you two get along on a human level. Here are three things you can do to make it easier. You might not know that someone intellectually stimulates you until you watch the presidential debates with them, for example. “The end goal of deciphering chemistry is to make a healthy decision about who you should spend your time with,” she said.

Although your chemistry with someone might change with time, you’re probably not going to be able to change the fact that things like your values and life dreams clash in a big way. Giulia Simolo Giulia is a freelance writer living in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Now, studies show us the importance of HOW you kiss, and even give us kissing tips based on science. Kat Van Kirk, a licensed marriage and sex therapist, asserts that chemistry is so much more than touch. To me, it’s about energy: what it’s like when you’re sitting next to someone.” There’s no doubt that chemistry is important to a great relationship, especially because it alludes to so much about a couple’s compatibility. Van Kirk says that many people — especially women — actually mistake physical chemistry for compatibility. Financial: Being financially compatible doesn’t necessarily mean the state of your bank account. Since sparks can fly in not one but SIX different categories, figuring out just how much chemistry you have with your partner can seem overwhelming. “The best way to understand what types of chemistry you respond to is to know yourself,” Dr. “You’re going to be making some judgment calls, and it will help in identifying chemistry — especially understanding when it’s authentic and when it’s not.” Since chemistry is simply a foundation for a future relationship, Dr.

After a bit more time of getting to know someone and peeling back their layers, you might go, “Wow, he took my breath away! Much like happiness, it will happen in such a way that you’ll be thrown off guard.

You might, for instance, be friends with someone for months or years and then suddenly look at them one day and realize you feel sparks.

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