Dating a traveling man

I can’t vouch for this from my own experience but for others, I know this to be the case. Before you go any further…If you are hoping for sordid revelations about travel blogger romances or any of mine ( If I had any…) – I can tell you right now, stop reading, this is not that post. Just a few months after my breakup I met some of my virtual, Twitter friends at the first Travel Bloggers Unite conference in Manchester- it was a ball and I had an amazing few days. I had a great time with the bloggers on the blogtrips. I find it hard to share my travelling life with my friends. As with anything in life, whatever the circumstances, change is hard to embrace. My writing, photography skills are half decent but video skills are terrible –so from a professional perspective, make a lot of sense to date a female travel vlogger? I’ve posed this question to many bloggers in the past and yesterday I put out the feelers out on Facebook about my post to guage the reaction of what people think of travel blogger romances and my post idea. I am giving the impression that the travel blogging community loves to indulge in gossip, sometimes bitchy and sometimes love idle talk. Though, tell me any community or tribe in the world where this doesn’t happen. Kudos to them for trying I say 🙂It may not work out for everyone.So on some level, as a travel blogger I have found love. I figure while I may not score highly on all counts, with my life as a travel blogger, I have an ace in the pack that I should maximise the potential. I can’t relate to the reality of her existence- the reality of the 9-5 job. When I rave about Barcelona I never talk about how petty crime is there and how I got my wallet and stuff stolen. All of them coming from pretty amazing backgrounds- whether its management consulting or being a doctor , a lawyer or a flying fish expert 🙂All have amazing stories to share. I’ve met some amazing travel blogging couples who totally rock life on the road. Dave and Deb-Planet D, Two Oregonians , Landing Standing……inspiring, warm and amazing people.Communication, in fact, may be limited to a phone call only once a day.But by taking a few simple steps, you can give yourself and your traveling man every chance of dating success. Plan phone calls, monthly dates and email exchanges frequency, so each of you knows what to expect.

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However, when I say that travel blogging is a relatively not so difficult profession, that anyone with the passion for travel and sharing could technically blog, I get a look of disbelief.Get a pedicure, go on outings with friends and generally pursue the same interests that you had before you met him.This will help take your mind off his absence and will make you a well-rounded partner who is a pleasure to be with.Keeping even the most loving and intimate relationship alive can be difficult, and when yours involves a man who travels, you know it can be doubly hard.You aren't there to comfort each other at the end of a rough day or share your workplace triumphs.

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