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I wouldn't say that Swedes don't talk about their feelings, we just don't expect the conversation to have a certain outcome because of our actions. I do agree that 'dating' or whatever is much less formal in Scandinavia in the early stages, however, having lived practically all my life in Scandinavian countries and having recently moved to Canada. Well, perhaps relationships, but only if they're at all in or near one, either coming or going.

Have fun with it and perhaps the Swedish way makes you uncomfortable, but then you know it's not for you. Angsty teenagers and second-chance-at-lifers excluded, I've never heard a Swede gripe about not being in a relationship unless they're actually interested in someone already.

The problem is when someone from a culture where sex is repressed behind shame, honour and purity has to adapt to this.

Traditional dating is a system to cater to the virginity cult in which a woman is tainted once she is not a virgin.

However, seeing as you're on reddit, you've probably heard of the Internet.Anglo Saxon cultures have a very different culture compared to Sweden when it comes to "dating".No wonder you find it "awkward" when it's not what you are used to.If you're also moderately attractive; create an account on various dating sites, clearly stating you're British.Match with a few girls, chat with them to see if theyre girlfriend material, sleep with them and then take it from there. But also I think it's not that there is a lack of dating or sex to be found here, but that no one is really sure of what's going on for too long.

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